Outlook remains the most used Office 365 app among enterprise workers across all age groups, job functions and industries.

As new collaboration tools in the Office 365 suite of applications, such as Teams, Yammer and other office applications, such as Slack, Dropbox and Box start to root themselves in enterprise organizations, information workers are still gravitating towards office mainstays, like email.

Read the study results, from over 1000 business professionals worldwide regarding their use of Office 365, including these key findings:

  • 55% of respondents indicated that Outlook is their most used Office 365 app, with 58% of respondents indicating they use it 10 times a day or more
  • Microsoft Teams is getting a lot of attention, but only 16% of users indicated Teams as one of their top three apps
  • Over 90% of construction and education respondents count Outlook as one of their top three apps

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