Businesses deal with larger volumes of data and greater complexity than ever before. Within this confusing mass of information lurks sensitive data that can leave these organizations at risk, as well as business-critical records that can easily get lost in the pile.

This ebook, ‘Smart Email Retention for Office 365’, unpacks the challenges of retaining and disposing of important emails and documents for compliance and for ongoing business processes.

Read the ebook and learn how to:

  • Distinguish between ROT*, and retention and business records
  • Overcome the challenges of retaining and classifying emails for easy retrieval
  • Use SharePoint and Exchange in concert to classify and find related emails and documents

ROT* = redundant, old, trivial/transient

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The webinar will include tips to simplify using SharePoint/Office 365 with

Mind the Gap:
A Better Way to Manage
Emails in SharePoint

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